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If you tell me that this post is contrary of what I’ve written in “What to do if she ask you why you love her?“, you are completely right. I just wanted to make a list of concrete reasons, by concrete I mean materials one why I like her. The challenge is to write 10 reasons or more but I’ll try to stick to 10 reasons only. By the way, you can use it also use these reasons to give to your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, they are not copyrighted (lol).

  1. She has beautiful hairs that dance in the winds,
  2. She has beautiful brownish eyes,
  3. She has a beautiful smile,
  4. When she laugh, she is so natural and beautiful,
  5. She never hesitates to act like fool when you do so because she is so lively,
  6. Being natural, she has flaws and quality but is sincere enough to accept she possesses both,
  7. She is faithful,
  8. She smile, laugh and cry. She has feelings and shows it,
  9. She is tender when it comes to special moments between us,
  10. She has our future at heart, she has our life at heart, she cares for us as much as I care for her.

And guess what…

I’ve got an eleventh one…

11. She loves me like I do love her…

10 concrete reasons to love her and 1 un-concrete reason to love her… Why don’t we love because it is so… Love is not complicated, it is us who tries to make it complicated. If anyone loved as it comes, it would be so easy…

She loves me… she loves me… cheerio


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