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I was a bit ashamed when I found that someone was looking for these terms because he was in this situation where me, I was living the perfect love life with my beautiful fiancée. I felt that I was egoist enough not to see that people are not happy. So, I’ll share something I saw about a guy which loved a girl who didn’t love him back.

I’ve got a friend of mine who loved a cute girl who was 2 years older than him but he didn’t take it in consideration. I really thought that the two of them shall one day be dating because they were lovely to look at when they were walking after the bible school each week. They were just friend at these times. One day, we were all invited to go to the beach and on this day, two friend arranged for a private moment between these two so that the guy could tell the girl what he felt for her. But on this day, the girl revealed she had a boyfriend. Later on I heard the story and I was really sad for the guy, I knew he loved that girl so dearly.
Some years later, two years later I think, the guy met another girl and fell in love with her (I forgot to tell that he managed to forget the first girl in God knows what way). He fell in love with that girl and when he told the girl that he loved her, the parents (the mom) of the girl said that she didn’t want the
girl to date that guy. And again he found himself loving a girl that didn’t love him back (the girl indeed wasn’t interested with him).

This might seem odd, funny that this guy is so bad of luck or sad but it is a true story and let me tell you the life of these three person. The first girl when abroad with her boyfriend which is now her husband, the second girl is dating a friend of mine (and a friend of my first unlucky friend) and the friend is now planning to get married to another girl he met on his workplace.

Now is my conclusion, I don’t know whether my (unlucky) friend managed to forget that second girl because he was really really really in love with the girl but I know that today he is happy living with his future wife. This is because there is one person created for each of us, we are only half until we meet the second half, then we are complete, we are one. So, if you found a girl that doesn’t loves you back, as hard it might be to forget her, one day, you will be able to forgets her but in the mean time, don’t let the one who loves you go away, stay awake and look for the signs because the one who loves you and who you will love might be passing in front of you.

Now friends, just stay awake and please cheerio…


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