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Brian Light | Talking about love


I’ve made a little list for thing you can say (or should say) to the one you love. It might be funny but let’s give a try to these statements and see if we gain point in our relationship or not. Just a point before starting, make sure you mean what you’re saying because one important thing is that we feel when people are not honest, it is part of our nature, so, don’t try to fool her with these words unless you are a very good liar (in which case, you are with no one).

  1. I love you dear (the first and most obvious one)
  2. I miss you (when she is at work)
  3. I want to spend my life with you
  4. I want you to be my wife (different from the above)
  5. You are so beautiful (or desirable or stunning). Try saying this when she got a new haircut or dress or whatever: “Woah, oh my gosh, what a… what a… you are so… beautiful, beautiful, woah…”
  6. Could you please or thank you (things we never say to anyone)
  7. Do you want… (We should try to ask before doing something or just try to impose something)
  8. Something changed with you? You look changed and more beautiful. (This shows that you are interested in her)
  9. You are great (concerning whatever she is doing, her job, cooking food; it is comforting to know someone thinks we are worthy of doing something)
  10. You can count on me (often, the loved one forgets about it but we must always make her remember she can count on us).

These little statement might help you to gain some esteem (points) in your relationship with your mate but believe me, words are nothing compared to actions. Use these words to supplement actions and not actions to supplements words. Without actions, the words will be nothing, so, you know what you must do.



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