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Brian Light | Talking about love


I’ve seen so many people asking about how to know if the person don’t love us, or whatever about don’t love. I don’t know why people should ask question like this except if they are really in trouble maintaining a relationship with someone. I’ve decided to write about something, I don’t know if it is related is any way to anything but I wanted to write about proof (or as some people like to call it, symptoms) for you to know you love or still loves someone.

  • You are afraid of losing the person (she might die or less important, she might go away)
  • You always try to please the persons (and someone not please yourself)
  • You want to be with her at every moment (even though you know it might be impossible)
  • Waiting for her to come is unbearable and moments with her are too short
  • You are always anticipating her wants
  • You are never tired to satisfy her wants
  • You like to listen to her
  • You like to look at her
  • She might not be the most beautiful but even though you prefer her to other models
  • You walk near to her on the road to be the nearest possible to her (you might also take hands for the same reason)
  • You cannot bear people talking bad of her
  • You never see (or make as if) her flaws
  • You prefer to see her qualities
  • You listen to her, to her problems (and never never never make fool of her problems)
  • You never say to yourself you love her (because you know you love her)

It is not the exact list I wanted to make, I was looking for tangible (material) symptoms for how to know you love her but I think I’ve made it a little personal. We’ve got our personal reason that tells us that we love this person or not, we should listen to these reasons instead of trying to get these reasons on a website, blog or internet. It is inner and only you can reach these reasons…

Go on guy and girls, read your inner you and Cheerio…


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