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Is there a magical word or magical action which you can do to stop a fight?

There are time in a couple when you are fighting and you both are tired of these fightings. You realise that more time taken for fight equals to less time together and having a lovely and peaceful moment. I am sure that each and everyone of us has at least once felt that it was idiot to fight and that you wanted to stop the fight at once. You may be smiling and saying, yeah man, I felt it very often. But at this stage, what we ask ourselves is how to stop this stupid fight?

The basic of starting a fight is known by everybody but the basics of stopping one is the great problem of couple. There are no true secret on how to stop a fight effectively, the perfect solution which will work for everyone doesn’t exist, it is couple-driven, one solution (or two, lol) for one couple. But the basics for stopping a fight are the three “S”; silence, stop and smile. What are the three “S” and how does it work?

Suppose you are having a fight with your girlfriend or wife and you are fed up
fighting. Just make silence and wait for some seconds. During these seconds, two things will happen, she will continue to talk but notice you are silence, a sign of humility and respect. But you, just ask yourself whether you are really fed up with the fighting and wants to stop it right now and bury the hatchet. The secret of a true conciliation is that you must really wants this to happen, otherwise, you’ll just again in some minutes. After you made silence and are sure you want to kiss and make up, stop the fight. One way to stop the fight is by looking at the person and say that you are sorry. Just believe me, in a fight where you just come and ask for forgiveness, it will stun the person and she’ll ask herself how can it be. Better if you are known to be pride and you ask for forgiveness, it will work better. But don’t use it every time or it will lose it’s power. At this stage, you might see that you’ll have to say sorry couple of time before she realise that you are trying to stop the fight. Say sorry and say you’re a jerk (not so easy huh?!). Accept that maybe you are the faulty but that you are willing to change it and that instead of yelling you’ll both talk. Just don’t say the fight is over. Now, you’ll have to realise that the fight is over first and then you will have to smile. Just believe me, a smile is known to end all fight and this will also end your fight. Smile in the SSS techniques means really forgetting the fight and turn the page completely. Do anything else but forget the fight.

I’ve share my SSS technique with you and hope it will help you. It seems that in my example, I’ve shared this technique for man but it works as well for girls. So, I really (really) hope it works but in the mean time, don’t fight but cheerio…


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