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I am very concerned (and I think that I’m not the only one) about the issue of cheating. It’s not only about having sexual intercourse with someone else but also about flirting or even being closer to someone else than your partner (it was referred as emotional cheating in a previous post).

I assume that cheating on your partner requires preparation, being abandoned by him/her or having continual fight with him/her. I don’t know all the reasons (there are so many and each day I learn more and more reasons to cheat) why people cheat on their partner but I think they require two things, time to hate their partner and someone to help in cheating.

Going further to the actual cheating process, what does the cheater feel afterwards. Say it was all about sex, does the cheater feel bad after this. And if it was emotional cheating, does the cheater feel bad after telling a secret to the other person where he didn’t tell this to his partner. I always ask myself how someone felt when he/she cheated on his/her partner. I don’t know whether they feel guilty or take it as normal. I assume that for some persons at least, those having a relationship with another person, they do take it as normal but for the one time cheater, how to they feel.

I never covered how to the persons being cheated on felt because I don’t think I’m able to talk about this, I’ve the chance of having someone who never cheated on me and won’t do this but I think I don’t want either position, not the cheater or the victim. Neither is better I think….

Nevertheless, Cheerio…


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