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Brian Light | Talking about love


I came across a couple some days ago and just after they had an argument. I was talking to the boy and he was telling me that it all started with a silly joke from her girlfriend (the girlfriend told me that the boy didn’t understand her sense of humor. Who was guilty or innocent?! I don’t know) and they got an argument. They weren’t talking for couple of minutes. The boy accompanied the girl at her place and then I met the boy again, they were still in the “argument mode”. Now you’ve got the story, let’s go on with what surprised me.

When talking to the boy, he blurted that he found it awful that the girl didn’t accept thing from him but did tolerate more awful thing from her ex-boyfriend. That she tolerate that the ex-boyfriend would treat her badly but when he had an argument with her girlfriend, she would bust out at once. He didn’t understand why it was so and a question that shocked me more was he asked himself whether her girlfriend really love him more than her ex-boyfriend. I didn’t know what to answer the guy on the spot but he almost succeeded in convincing me something was strange with her girlfriend. He then went his way and I returned home still thinking about him. Let me give you what I’ve concluded from it.

I’ve concluded that the girl do love my friend and she forgot the previous one, the ex-boyfriend. So why she doesn’t tolerate that my friend sometime make mistakes is because she left her ex-boyfriend just because the guy was treating her badly and that she wanted something better for her, that’s why she doesn’t want my friend to act the same; if she liked she way she was treated, she wouldn’t have part ways from her ex-boyfriend.

But now, if had a chance to talk to the girl I would tell her to be more lenient with my friend because he wants the best for her but sometime, he might make mistakes but he really loves the girl. Being lenient doesn’t mean to be weak but to be able to show love.

I hope things will go better and better between them and cheerio…


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